Kerri Chandler, DJ Sneak, Danny Howells, Huxley, James Welsh, Climbers, Kellerkind, Osunlade, XPress 2, Brothers' Vibe, Nick Holder, UGLH, Ugly Drums and more! A sound weight vinyl! In the United States, a new single from the new label Silence In Metropolis, which emerged from Washington, has been released by the unit Usual Things Around, which stands out from the previous work from the Hypertone label! A sophisticated track with a completely new generation East Coast deep house sound! Dale Howard, a live artist from Liverpool who is active in Morris Audio, OFF Recordings, Lost My Dog, Static Audio, Local Talk, Sleaze Records, and newcomer Jus Nowhere will join the remixer! It's finished in a superb single with a sound quality that is clearly different from NY or Chicago

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