Late September 2019 will see the release of DJ W!LD Shaun Reeves' collaborative EP, "Bag of Bones" on Vision Quest Special Edition, the vinyl only arm of Visionquest.

No strangers to working together, the pair have cooked up an excellent EP for their latest outing, comprised of 4 heady, floor ready cuts. Shaun Reeves, co-head of Visionquest, is a Detroiter turned Berliner who has been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade. An instrumental part of both cities and everywhere in between he has been playing the top clubs and festivals his entire career. Reeves has released on labels ranging from Raum...musik to Wolf + Lamb and of course Visionquest, with artists like Seth Troxler and Maayan Nidam. DJ W!LD is as well a time tested veteran of the game who grew up listening to Laurent Garnier dj in his home town of Dijon, France. A life long record collector, he has played all over the world at the most prestigious clubs including Fabric, Panorama Bar and Amnesia for events ranging from Cocoon to Circoloco. DJ W!LD runs two labels, the W label and DAILYCID and has released on REKIDS offshoot, Cabin Fever, One Records, 2020 Vision and Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano's Ral series.

On the first track, "Bag of Bones", the EP starts out with a banging kick, a choppy percussion loop, floating atmospherics and a sound like a distant train or a car horn honking moments before impact. Low sub bass is complimented by a mid range bass line that drives the track forward. This leads to a subtle break down, when the track flips on it's head and jumps back in with a rising rush, a new bassline, peculiar vocal snippets and some bouncing hi hats skittering side to side.

Track two, "Taima", starts with a heavily phased sample that almost sounds like recorded room noise. Swinging percussion pops in with a punchy bass line and a mean kick that all gets thrown around by a mechanical machine sound that rips in and out with bleeps that sound like feedback from some sort of lunar device. A repeated, bleepy key loop emerges, balancing all the percussion and propels the track forward. It's hypnotic, deep and banging all at the same time.

"Chronicals of Narnia" starts with a big kick and a hat, snare/clap combo that's drenched in vinyl dirt and phase. A beautiful ambient texture pad drops in that lifts the vibe of the track without it getting bogged down or muddled by the atmospherics, only to snap back into the original tough beat with a fat pocket.

The EP finishes with "Purple Urkle", which starts with tough percussion, again doused in this amazingly overdriven phased/flanged texture. Other seemingly found sounds jolt in and out all around the audio spectrum while a distant pad rides in the background, sounding like it might be sampled from an old classical vinyl. The EP is another welcome addition to VQSE, drenched in its own grit and unique sound it's sure to please listeners and dancers from all ends of the musical spectrum.

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