Visceral Vibrations, the US-based record label dedicated to pushing emotive, bass-led electronic music is back with its third music acquisition cataloged as 'VV003'. With preceding releases to have received airplay on radio stations like Rinse.FM, it's safe to say that the label is supported for sharing their take on progressive bass intelligence. Adolfo Ancona (24), more commonly known for his music under the Hysee moniker, moves around this realm, mostly between the 140-170 bpm mark. His music is a mixture of electronic / ambient music cultivated through a deeply organic and experimental approach. With past releases on imprints like Nord Label, Deep Heads, Samurai (Horo) and CX, this Italian-based producer is building a vast collection of bass material on both physical and digital formats. 'Circular Dispute' is an exploration that incorporates soft textures, mellow kicks and changes in bass pressure to convey mystical movement. The rigid half-time marker slowly fades in, turning circular pressure into a subtle roller that simply defies the rules of gravity. Hysee applies an even more intricate formula to 'Isolator', one that bends attentive low-end textures and minimalistic percussion through time and space. The way it travels, progresses and ends makes this production a groove on its own & an excellent add to 'VV003'. Hysee's last succession on the record strikes slowly but steadily, waves of deepening frequencies, mesmerising synths and arrhythmic choirs form the pendulum of his signature sound. This closing production allows listeners to drift off to another dimension or subconscious vibration. Visceral Vibrations' third acquisition holds the talent of the Italian producer Hysee, who takes part in our lineage of forward-thinking bass music. With a review hosted by the trusted FatKidOnFire blog and airplay support by influential artists, we're ready to present 'VV003' to the world.

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