By all accounts, Whiskey Disco has matured. Each release unique, but compiled meticulously to meet some of the highest standards in the edit community.
WD45 continues the trajectory with 4 tracks combining equal parts soul, boogie and disco. Rastanils cuts up cheesy obscurity to reveal heavy disco vibes—this edit was smashed by MCDE at numerous festivals in 2015. Next up, the 'intriguing' Corsican Brothers reappear after a 5 year absence from Whiskey Disco with a sliced version of I Like It, beefed up bass and space on the platters with a touch of dub. Side B exemplifies the weirdness only a b-side can... Albion's Disco Chopper is a stretched and phased party jam that DOES NOT Stop.
Move to the inside for the lengthy and epic Big Time, a 9 minute exploration into rocking disco roots, courtesy of the eponymously named Blaxploitation movie from 1977.

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