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B 'n G Wax Residents select 2023 Vinyl Favorites!


We are ready to circle the sun again! Our revolving space rock continues to put out inspiring music, despite the human-caused calamities disrupting our collective need to serve a better, healthier planet. Analog Market has become an oasis for our Bump 'n Grind Wax DJs and local record collectors to escape the noise and enjoy no-thrills, long-format vinyl sessions in the Washington, DC area. We asked our resident DJs hosting monthly vinyl sessions and live streams to share the 2023 vinyl album and releases that gave them a spark of joy these past few months.

Cowealtha Clay (Every First Saturday of the Month):

Ok, my favorite 2023 vinyl release is M.E.B. (Miles Electric Band) THAT YOU NOT DARE TO FORGET

Reason: Miles Davis is the musician who has had the most impact on my life (add James Brown & Stevie Wonder 2 that cup of coffee)  and to see/hear his legacy continue w/his former band mates Vince Wilburn (nephew), Ron Carter, John Scofield, Marcus Miller & others is why this release gets my vote.

DJ Jazzfish (Every Third Saturday of the Month):

Ezra Collective - Where I’m meant to be

Ain’t no party like a London house party. This album won the band the Mercury prize in 2023, and it’s no surprise why. They have long been on the cutting edge of jazz, hip-hop, and afro-futuristic music.  While many of the earlier albums were complex, this one showcases the band infusing their infectious raw vibes more directly. Definitely an album to listen to start to finish.

David Fogel (B 'n G Boss):

Double O Firm Meditation - Rupture LDN

At the end of the day, it always has and always will be about Sound System music for me. I’m cheating a bit bc this release has three bits of wax in it, but it’s so good and properly encapsulates how alive DnB is right now. It’s got it all from stripped down half time, vocals, heavyweight bass bin amen rattlers, spacey broken beat ambiance. It is exactly what I want from electronic music. Envelope pushing, forward thinking, mind expanding expressionism. 

Tasting Notes (Every Third Sunday of the Month):

Happy Land: A Compendium of Alternative Electronic Music from the British Isles 1992-1996

Picking any "favorite" album is often a difficult task for me; but if I had to pick one particular full length release that defined 2023, it has to be Happy Land. I found out about this compilation when a number of vinyl copies of Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" accidentally came with the tracks from this 90s UK compilation: quite different from what I imagine most fans were expecting. Not only are these circumstances hilarious, the record itself is a fantastic collection of off-the-wall tunes from this defining period. Some standouts for me are: The Black Dog - Cost II, Syzygy - Meditation, Slow Rotor - Space Disco (Dub Edit)

RWEONTHEAIR?! (Every Second Saturday of the Month)

All Werk Is Play - Werkha, 2022

This is my favorite because I brought it for the art. The artwork looks like dancers (moving lines broken letters, abstract placements), so I knew this would be some good moving music. AND IT IS! 🔥 



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