Single Origin Feature - Nicaragua - Matagalpa

Bump ‘n Grind is currently featuring a new Single Origin roast: the Nicaragua - Matagalpa. A lightly roasted approach brings out the complex layers of this bean from the northern mountain regions of Nicaragua. The Matagalpa region is famous for its lush tropical vegetation, most of the coffee grown in this region is shade grown in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil. Grown 700m above sea level, in a climate the locals refer to as “the eternal spring,” these beans go through a washed process before they are dried and shipped to our roastery in Kensington, MD. In line with our commitment to “conscientious coffee,” these beans are both certified organic and fair trade!


Memorial Day Weekend: Bump 'n Grind's first Analog Market!

Bump ‘n Grind’s Analog Market

May 28th and 29th, 9am - 4pm 

9150 Brookville Rd. 

Silver Spring, MD

It’s Spring Cleaning Time for Bump ‘n Grind, so we are hosting our first ever ANALOG Market. Memorial Day Weekend, several vintage vendors and analog enthusiasts will be selling at our Clubhouse on 9150 Brookville Rd in Silver Spring, MD. 



5 Ways to treat your Mother at Bump 'n Grind!

Sunday, May 8th, is Mother’s Day! Bump ‘n Grind is honoring all the hard-working Mother’s by offering a 20% at our cafe and pop ups all weekend long. Without all the Mommas out there, this world is an empty place. Make sure the leading nurturer in your family gets recognized with some Bump ‘n Grind love this weekend. This week’s Liner Notes gives 5 ways to Thank Your Mama at Bump ‘n Grind! The discount applies at our cafe in Silver Spring Library, as well our Pop-Up at The Roastery in Kensington, MD. 


Earth Week 2022

With Earth Week 2022 coming to a close, Bump ‘n Grind wants to offer a friendly reminder of our commitment to minimizing impacts on climate change and encouraging our growing community to enjoy our “conscientious coffee.” This edition of the Liner Notes is a Bump ‘n Grind nod to the daily effort it takes for us all to strive for a healthier planet. As a small business, we recognize that individual consumer behavior will ultimately struggle to tilt the current trajectory of our environmental circumstances, it will take a collective. Bump ‘n Grind aims to be a steward on this wild and wonderful Earth, leaving it a little more magical, a place worth sharing for generations to come.  


Single Origin Feature - Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

This week, we present another one of our fantastic Single-Origin beans: the small and mighty Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe. What might look delicate in demeanor, this bean packs a flavorful punch. An exemplary “Conscientious Coffee” according to the Bump ‘n Grind standards, we are proud to feature this lightly-roasted, naturally-processed coffee as a Single-Origin coffee for our drinkers, subscribers, and patrons! 


Single Origin Feature: Uganda - Bujisu

Bump ‘n Grind is proud to be roasting select Single Origin coffee beans from our humble roastery in Kensington, MD. Our Single Origin coffees are small-batch, micro-roasted to bring out the distinct character and complexities of our beans. We roast our small batches daily to ensure our customers receive the freshest, most flavorful product. The beans are selected from the highest grades for specialty coffee, performing at 85 or better according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s 1-100 rating scale. This week, we are proud to be featuring the beautiful Uganda-Bujisu Single Origin roast at our pop-up coffee shop and cafe at Silver Spring Library.


BnG Wax's Version Excursion: The Dubplate Special

This week’s Liner Notes wrap up the final leg of the Bump ‘n Grind Wax Version Excursion to the island of Jamaica.

In the last days of the B ‘n G Wax crew’s search for music and sunshine, they were rewarded with the opportunity to cut specialized dubplates by foundational reggae artists, Prince Alla and Ken Boothe. A vital aspect to the development of reggae and dancehall traditions in Jamaica, and later globally, dubplates are unique renditions of hit songs that popular artists sing for requesting deejays, record labels, and radio stations. Dubplates are valuable resources in the Jamaican music industry, one-of-a-kind specials played during dances and mixes that flamboyantly tell the public who the biggest and baddest selectors are in town. 


Our Beans have a New Look!

Our beans have a new look! Bump ‘n Grind is excited to reveal the latest packaging for our beans hitting the retail shelves at your favorite grocery store, bakery, or BnG coffee partner! 


Bump 'n Grind Wax's Version Excursion #2

This week’s Liner Note’s continues the second part of Bump ‘n Grind Wax’s Version Excursion. In January, David and Brady embarked on a short respite to the musical shores of Jamaica. Documented in part one, their first day in Kingston set the scene for the rest of their trip: a mission to discover the history and sounds that shaped Jamaica’s undeniable imprint on contemporary music. From the record shops in Downtown Kingston, part two takes the BnG Wax duo 2,000 feet above sea level to the coffee-growing communities of the Blue Mountains. 


Bump 'n Grind Wax's Version Excursion #1

In January, the Bump ‘n Grind Wax team, David and Brady, embarked on a remarkable musical quest to the “Land of Wood and Water”, the tropical island of Jamaica, where grooves grow plenty! In just a handful of days, David and Brady dove straight into the birthplace of reggae music, connecting with a few of today’s torchbearers keeping the vinyl culture alive. This week’s Liner Notes documents this quick, but impactful, trip for B ‘n G Wax, one that left profound impressions on the importance of music and art as a vessel to navigate the uncertainties and calamities of everyday life.